182 Weber St. N, Waterloo (around the back)


How It Works

All classes are only $15 each, drop-in and pay-as-you-go. There are no enrollment or registration fees!
Just drop-in 15 minutes before the scheduled class is to begin.
Sign in, pay and go!
You Do Not need to call ahead to reserve your spot.
You Do Not need to pre-register for any class.
Classes are a first come, first served basis.
Please bring "Indoor" Shoes for classes that require shoes.

Pay-as-you-go $15/class, HST Included

  Class Packages*

  8 classes  $98
  12 classes  $135

  Entitles you to any class on the
  schedule with no expiry date.

  Monthly Memberships*

1 Month $72
2 Month $125 

Entitles you to unlimited classes
from the purchase date for the
number of months purchased.

  Monthly Memberships*

  1 Year  $40/Month
  Expires 1 year from date of purchase
  entitles you to unlimited classes for
  one year
(credit card needed) non-refundable.
*Taxes applicable

Personal Training Packages*

 6/30 min. sessions $  $90
 5/1hr sessions   $45/session $225
 10/1hr sessions $40/session $400
 20/1hr sessions $35/session $700
Plus FREE Meal Plan with 20 pkg.

By Appointment With Your Trainer

Students 10% Discount on Packages or Memberships that exceed $100 with valid ID Card.
Can not be used with any promotions or sales.
2 or less participants will result in a 30 minute class. No discount will apply.

Please bring INDOOR¯ shoes for classes that require shoes.


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Impact Movement Ltd.
Adult Dance & Fitness Studio
182 Weber St. N., Waterloo
phone: (519) 579-1559 - email: info@impactmovement.ca